Thursday, September 8, 2011


Fashion accessories you wanted to get? bought now.. any different designed, colors and shapes:

Gold w/ Beads
P400 only 

This Necklace are usually used to someone who likes fashion accessories because they look glamorous and fashionist. 

Avatar Necklace

Can you see that necklace? looks prettier, if you were this, you look fashion minded.

Layered Beads Necklace
P250 only

For those who likes Layered beads necklace just choose were you want to get cause i know if you choose one you'll be look beautiful inside and outside. 

Diamond Glass Necklace
P275 only

If you like that? will just get and I'm sure you will be one.

  Lanvin Necklace
P245 only

That necklace is exclusive, you cant see from the other cannot have that.

Lyra Castaway Necklace
P300 only

Lyra Castaway Necklace is beautiful if you fit it w/ your dress you will be look memorable.

Square Box Necklace
P290 only

Square box also is much prettier because of different colors.


Ocean & Charm Bracelet
P350 & P200 only

Ocean & Charm Bracelet is your lucky charm if you were this.

Bangle Wire Bracelet
P200 only

Bangle Wire Bracelet is usually common used by fashion.

Choose one and you'll be look stylistic.


Bracelet & Earrings
P250 each & P100 each

Fashion Bracelet and Earrings different designed and colors.

Polished Stone Necklace
P180 only

Polished Stone Necklace a classic beads stone.

Elastic w/ Huge & Corpulent Beads
P270 only
Elastic w/ Huge Corpulent Beads w/ different balls and huge beads.

Charm Bracelet
P120 only

Charm Bracelet a lucky charm for some guy to fall for you.

Core Fragment Necklace
P110 only

Core Fragment Necklace for men & women.

Sea Pearl Earring
P100 only

Sea Pearl Earring and beads diamond common used for summer.

Ethnic Shield Earring
P120 only

Ethnic Shield Earring its more look pretty when you wear.

Pono hearts Necklace
P100 only

Pono hearts w/  different designed style and size.

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